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Rebekah Braswell, CCO 
Rebekah Braswell is a founding member of Land Life Company and leads its commercial activities globally. Rebekah has been the architect of Land Life’s new business models for technology-led reforestation. In her capacity, she works with global corporations, governments and NGOs to develop large-scale reforestation projects that mitigate climate change and revitalize ecosystems.

Prior to Land Life Company, Rebekah was an associate partner with Monitor Group and worked on issues of economic development and food security across Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Rwanda and Ghana. She received her B.A. from Brown University and Masters from Oxford University.


Arnout Ajes, CTO
Arnout Asjes is a founding member of Land Life Company. As the Chief Technology Officer, his responsibility lies in developing technologies to improve performance and increase the resilience of ecosystem services. To meet the company’s ambition to restore 2 billion hectares of degraded land, Arnout and his team have developed technologies for every step of the planting process, such as an improved Cocoon, a GPS enabled automated-planting system and a tree monitoring app.

In his time at Land Life Company, Arnout has filed two technical manufacturing patents and a design patent. Prior to joining Land Life Company, Arnout worked in Investor Relations and Marketing Analytics in the US and the Netherlands. Arnout holds his ISA Certification as a Certified Arborist, specializing in arid land tree planting and MSc in Business from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands. 


Willemijn Stoffels, COO
Willemijn Stoffels is a founding member of Land Life Company and leads its global operational activities. She guides the search for large public landowners and develops ways to partner with such organizations in different parts of the world. She leads the team responsible for project initiation and implementation, and has worked extensively in Europe, US, Latin America and numerous other countries. She has built a strong network of public and private organizations in the forestry sector to ensure the most efficient and effective tree planting projects are implemented by our Land Life Company team.

Prior to Land Life Company, Willemijn worked as a consultant at McKinsey on topics ranging from renewable energy in Europe to consumer goods in Africa and financial products in Latin America. She received her Msc in Science & Innovation Management from Utrecht University and a MBA from INSEAD.


Sander Keulen, Head of Business Development 

Sander Keulen is the Head of Business Development at Land Life Company. He is responsible for developing innovative business models and helping customers to realize their sustainability ambition. With a thorough understanding of the carbon markets, he works with global corporations, governments and NGOs to develop large-scale reforestation projects that mitigate climate change and restore ecosystems.

Sander brings over 28 years of international business development experience to Land Life Company. As a results-driven person, he is a driver for change and is passionate to deliver sustainable and tangible impact. Sander holds an MSc from Delft University in Earth Sciences and an MBA from Cornell University.

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Cleantech Interactive: Investing in Nature 
Speaker: Jurriaan Ruys, Land Life Company CEO  
Date: 17 June 2020 
Cleantech Interactive connects with leading pioneers in profitable reforestation, regenerative agriculture, ocean innovation – and the investors backing them. The event focuses on Investing in Nature to remove carbon, restore ecosystems and build a more sustainable future. 

CIFOR-ICRAF Digital Forum “Can tree planting save our planet?”
Speaker: Harrie Lovenstein,  Land Life Company’s Head of Research and Development  
Date: 29 September 2020
CIFOR-ICRAF in collaboration with the Global Landscapes Forum, will host a half-day digital forum that will bring scientists, forestry experts, community leaders, investors and policymakers together to share insights and scientific evidence to important tree planting initiatives and how to build back better following the Covid-19 pandemic. The forum aims to highlight the many ways to make tree planting good for people and the planet.

Read our follow-up blog for a recap of this event.

Pre-Expo Programme Series: Space Week
Speaker: Arnout Ajes, CTO 
Date: 6 October, 2020
A series of talks covering a range of topics, from how the latest technology can help us improve reforestation and measure carbon capture to how the space industry can stimulate competitiveness, export and trade. Land Life Company will present on its work as it relates to satellite imagery and innovative technology to help advance development on Earth.