Victoria – Australia


Name: Morrl Morrl

Region/Country: Victoria, Australia

Active Since: 2019

  • Trees planted: 25K trees

  • 2020 planting season: 112K trees

  • Scale up potential ~10M trees

Impact Highlights
  • Repairing historic land damages

  • Creating wildlife corridors to support broken ecosystems and species migrations

Restoring historic Aboriginal land and wildlife habitat

As one of the largest countries on earth, Australia has huge potential for reforestation, but it also has some of the world’s most fragile soils and has one of the highest vertebrate mammal extinction rates.

In the 1850s, Victoria had one of the largest known gold-rushes, which drastically transformed the landscape within only a 20-year span. What was a small isolated outpost in 1849 became one of the world’s most dynamic cities by 1869. It came at a huge cost to the environment, as vast areas were cleared for agriculture and mining causing losses in topsoil and widespread erosion.

This dramatic change of the landscape created pressure on the culture and livelihood of the Aboriginal tribes that are native to this region. The land degradation has also posed a major threat to the integrity of many threatened wildlife species, such as the powerful owl. In order for the Australian landscape to become more ecologically resilient, there is a huge need to undertake large-scale restoration projects to address the level of fragmentation, overgrazing, erosion and loss of biodiversity.