Let’s reforest the planet together

We are on a mission to help restore the world's 2 billion hectares of degraded land. With an international team of dedicated entrepreneurs, ecologists, engineers and operations specialists, we provide end-to-end reforestation services, restoring land where it is needed most. We work in close collaboration with public and private landowners all over the world.

Bring life back to your land

Bring life back to your land

We restore land lost to historical land clearing, wildfires, over-farming and urbanization. Our science and technology enable us to restore land in the most efficient and healthy way.

Support nature and local communities

Support nature and local communities

Reforestation restores ecosystems and revitalizes biodiversity as well as promoting socio-economic growth and providing greener, healthier land for local communities.

Impact you can track and share

Impact you can track and share

Our projects are transparent in every detail. You can track and share all the data from your restored land and monitor the impact.

Our grandparents planted a forest that we enjoyed until it burned down. Today we replant it for our grandchildren.

Eladio Taranilla – Landowner from Spain

Working alongside
40+ local partners worldwide

We work with our customers and local partners to restore land and bring resources and benefits to rural communities. Our main hubs are in Australia, Iceland, Spain and the USA.

Get your land restored at no expense

Key factors to consider
Tell us more about your land

Is there a minimum of 100 hectares of degraded land available to reforest?

Is the ownership of your land ensuring tree protection/permanence for at least 40 years?

Is your land cleared of native vegetation?

How is the climate and soil in your region?

Is there an average annual rainfall between 250 and 1300 mm?

Has the land not been cleared in the past 10 years (excluding wildfire damages or former agricultural land)?


Do you know of any nurseries nearby your land that could provide quality seedlings?

What sort of terrain is your land?

Is the site accessible for machinery?

Let's plant trees together

Let's plant trees together